Community Impact. It’s one of the three ways in which we measure success. As a firm that comes from community roots that were planted more than 70 years ago, we know how important it is to create impact where we live and work.

Ultimately, we believe that impact happens on many levels, from our relationships as advisors to businesses and nonprofits, our roles as board members in local organizations and our philanthropic giving.

While we felt comfortable with our mission around being advisors and community leaders, we desired a better way to approach our community giving – one that encouraged the participation of our team members and deepened the impact to local organizations. We share our story in hopes to help inspire other organizations to learn from our challenges and successes.

We Assembled a Community Impact Team
We knew we needed a small group focused on developing a community impact strategy and the communication that followed it. So, we assembled a three-person internal team of individuals who expressed interest in community impact and had unique perspectives that would help contribute toward the success of this initiative. Meet our LG Community Impact Team: